Wednesday, 25 August 2010



Two updates in one week? I think I deserve a pretty epic care package for that! (*Hint hint mom and dad*)

This update will be short, and really scattered, but today was just the most epic day to ever happen to me ever and I feel the need to share it with the world.

So let me start at the beginning. I’m currently at intro-camp, which is where all 150 inbound students in Denmark meet at a boarding school in some middle of nowhere town, and we all live in dorms with roommates, and we go to danish lessons every day for six hours, and then do lots of fun activities and stuff. It’s crazy amounts of fun, EXCEPT, the fact that we are starving.

Like you don’t even understand, we get three meals a day, six hours apart and that’s it. No snacks in between. So like at the meals we eat so much food cause we know that we won’t get to eat again for a while. It’s gross. Like honestly after lunch yesterday my friend Emma and I looked four months pregnant.

Sooo... today I’m sitting in my classroom, and it’s about forty five minutes until lunch, and I’m thinking about food and all of a sudden there is knock on my classroom door. And the leader of the program comes in, and is like ‘Is there an Andrea in here?’ There’s two Andrea’s in my class, so my teacher is like ‘Which one,’ and he’s like ‘Andrea from Canada, from the Taastrup club.’ And my first though is a) something bad happened, or b) I’m in trouble. (Not that I’ve done anything to get in trouble, but I was till freaking out.) So I follow him into the hallway and there’s a lady there, and she’s like, ‘I’m the president of the Taastrup club’s niece, and he told me you were here, and I’d like to take you for lunch and show you the area.’ And I was like, food? For real? I was so excited you can’t even imagine.

So we go for lunch and then she shows me all around the city, and takes me to the farm where her family has lived for like over one hundred years, and it was just so cool. This side of Denmark (the intro-camp is taking place on the other side of the country from where I live) looks pretty different from Ishøj, and it was so nice of her to take me around and show me the farms and churches, and the whole time I was just thinking how amazing Rotary is, and how amazing my host club is. It was so thoughtful of my club president to ask his niece to take me out. I had a really nice time with her.

And then in the afternoon today we went on a trip to Viborg for shopping, and Emma and I immediately made a bee line for the grocery store, and literally like bought out the junk food aisle. And now we’re sitting here in her room eating Nesquick cereal, poptarts, chips, candy and chocolate. So I guess you could say I’m like the happiest person ever.

I’ll do a more official post about intro-camp once I get home, but I just had to share how happy I am right now! I love food! `

Talk to you soon!

Hej hej!


  1. that is fantastic. you are so lucky to have such great Rotary support and friendship. yay!!!!

  2. Andrea. I love youuu and your blog post. What a great way to document our famine. xoxo